Philippine Personnel’s:


Account management responsibilities include developing strong relationships with customers, connecting with key business executives and stakeholders and preparing sales reports. Accounts managers will liaise between customers and cross-functional internal teams, ensure the timely and successful delivery of our solutions according to customer needs and improve the entire customer experience.


Determine the demand for products and services offered by a firm and its competitors and identify potential customers. Develop pricing strategies with the goal of maximizing the firm's profits or share of the market while ensuring the firm's customers are satisfied. Oversee product development or monitor trends that indicate the need for new products and services.The marketing manager manages the day to day marketing activities of the organization and long term marketing strategy for the company.


Implements computer system requirements by defining and analyzing system problems; designing and testing standards and solutions.Analytical, solution-focused types, who are great communicators and team players.


Supervising, guiding and motivating. Ensuring the staff are happy so the business can run smoothly,organize and delegate their workload as well as monitoring them to make sure it’s done correctly.

Web/Multimedia Designer

Designs brochures, posters, videos, blog layouts, websites, banners, offline and online marketing materials and other interactive content that is related to the product/service. The output will be submitted to the SEO Team Leader and Team Leader for approval.

Online Market Researcher
  • i.Principally responsible for interpreting data, formulating reports and making recommendations based upon the research findings.
  • ii.To accomplish this task, the Online Market Researcher works with the client / subscriber / prospects (either internal or external) to understand, define and document the      overarching business object.
  • iii.Needs to apply qualitative and quantitative techniques to interpret the data and produce substantiated recommendations and must frequently present the findings and recommendations to the client.
Internet Marketer

Will make creative, and targeted content-driven pitch that are customized according to:

  • a)The kind of business industry a company is
  • b)The kind of present corporate standing and business solutions needs
  • c)The kind of broadcasted video
  • d)The kind of subscribers online target audiences
  • e)Provide direction to Sales Executives for their
  • f)In their Created proposals customized for each prospects
  • g)In their Focus on Driving offline and online conversions
  • h)In Creating pipeline building and lead nurturing
  • i)In Building, nurturing and maintaining clients ( subscriber / Application user ) loyalty
Sales Executive
  • a)Create proposals customized for each prospects
  • b)Drive offline and online conversions
  • c)Create pipeline building and lead nurturing
  • d)Build, nurture and maintain clients loyalty Experienced and effective in working across multiple sales channels and deliver outstanding results. Those sales channels are:
  • e)Email marketing and email automation
  • f)Social Media
  • g)Display and Retargeting
  • h)Search Engine
  • i)Partner Networks
  • j)Direct Mail and Event Collateral
  • k)Online Presentations
  • l)Face to Face and Group Presentations
  • m)Event speaking, brand advocates and ambassadors
Technical Support

Problem Solving, Presenting Technical Information, Process Improvement, Software Maintenance, Software Testing, Network Design and Implementation, Load Balancing and Scalability, Vendor Relationships, Software Performance Tuning, Network Performance Tuning, Database Performance Tuning

Customer Support

MySiteMalixi are genuinely excited to help customers. They’re patient, empathetic, and passionately communicative. They love to talk. Customer service representatives can put themselves in their customers’ shoes and advocate for them when necessary. Customer feedback is priceless, and these CSRs can gather that for you. Problem-solving also comes naturally to customer care specialists. They are confident at troubleshooting and investigate if they don’t have enough information to resolve the problem

Search Engine Optimizers
  • i.Composed of full time staff and home based staff optimizers who will perform the 12 facets of SEO
  • ii.To maximize the volume of inbound organic traffic from search engines to a website and to the mobile application
  • iii.Very experienced in working with the combination of on-page and off-page techniques, including link-building, social media strategy, viral marketing, metadata sculpting, site speed optimization, content strategy, information architecture, and more.
  • iv.As a result of the daily changes in the search algorithms of Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other leaders in search, an SEO expert works in a dynamic environment that requires them to be continually learning, fine-tuning their skills, and experimenting to discover how the industry is shifting.

  • 1)Minimum of 4 hours per day on each regular staff
  • 2)You may only choose the personnel you need among the list
  • 3)Monthly service fee charges will be computed based on the needed personnel
  • 4)Philippine Personnel’s Service fee: This is the only payment obligation of YOUR COMPANY to MySiteMalixi. This will be billed every last day of each month. An advance payment of one month is required.
  • 5)3rd Party Advertisement. Monthly or Yearly
  • 6)Legal Fees